Friday, April 20, 2012


Today the pain is bad enough that I want nothing more to be in bed. When you have a little boy that is 1 1/2 years old and extremely mischievous, that is impossible. I need to be active and alert for him. I was sitting at the kitchen table a few minutes ago, resting in between loading the dishwasher, and watching him play with his cars on the living room floor. It really sounded like he was pretending the cars were talking to each other. I cannot believe how quickly this day has come.

It has me looking back on the last 18 months, and how much he has helped me cope with my Fibro and CFS... how tending to his needs keeps me out of bed and (usually) out of depression. I wonder if I would be forcing myself to move around, to pick up the house, or take a walk without him to push me into it.

He’s sitting beside me now, coloring in a coloring book and talking to me. My back is screaming at me... but he just picked up the word “blue” 30 seconds ago.

I wouldn’t miss this Silver Lining for the world.

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